adam atkins
Wanderluster | Proud Daddy | VA Techer
Adam is JLC’s in-house experiential marketing expert. From working with top global brands on some of the largest sport competitions including two Winter Olympic Games, Adam brings comprehensive knowledge and global experience in event production, sports sponsorship and marketing strategy. When he isn’t working you can find Adam globe trotting with his wife and daughter or hanging out at the beach with family.
edward coco
Tony Winning | Cardinal Supporting | Dad Joke Cracker
As the creative heart of JLC, Ed's designs and direction are the beginning of everything we produce and the architect of most of our great work. When his innovative juices are simmering, Ed, along with his wife, can be found keeping up with their beloved St. Louis Cardinals or scratching his head about his Missouri Tigers.
geoff gillie
Ballroom Dancer | Soft Talker | Wisdom Holder
After twenty plus years at Sony Studios, what was promised to be a part-time gig to help the guy from the mailroom (yes, that’s Joe) has turned into a much bigger gig. As JLC operations expanded, Geoff naturally fell into the role of keeping our trucks moving in the right direction, our warehouse in order and our utilities and building operational. Somehow, Geoff makes it all look easy as a part-timer!
heather gibson
Southern Belle | Slow Runner | Animal Lover
Based in Nashville, Heather comes to JLC with a background in corporate and nonprofit events. Heading up our office in Nashville, she is now responsible for growing our business and managing some of our biggest East Coast projects. Smart, organized and efficient, Heather has a keen eye for detail and impeccable standards. When she isn’t working she can be found hanging out with her puppies, running and volunteering on the YWCA Junior Board of Directors Committee.
helen kierney
Cake Baker | Polite Talker | Idea Generator
From across the pond, Helen is a hybrid creative; keen on finding the right idea for any JLC project. Helen’s skill-set and background in production, creative thinking and client relations has allowed her to lead projects across the world. If you can’t find Helen, just check our vacation board, and you’ll discover she’s once again jet setting across the world with her husband.
joe lewis
Straight Talker | Big Thinker | Flip Flopper
JLC starts with Joe. After working in the mailroom and then media services at Sony Studios, Joe started JLC in his garage and worked hard over the years doing exactly what he said he would do to grow the company into the business it is today. Never one to shy away from getting his hands dirty and speaking the truth, Joe shapes the culture of JLC by doing, motivating and creating a work environment that enables the team push the limits of their potential ~ all with a little southern charm.
megan meenan
Beach Lifer | Rosie (the office dog) Owner | Laker Lover
As the first JLC employee, there is not much Megan can’t tell you about the past. After her first day, Megan's competitive drive (yes, she’s an athlete) kept her in the game at JLC. Today she helps lead JLC and several of JLC's most high profile projects with West Coast charm and a level head that clients love!
miguel noh
Salsa Dancer | Clothes Designer | Cupcake King
Miguel lives to create across many platforms and anything that comes out of the print shop he'll have both hands on it. An eye for details and no tolerance for “its ok” has made Miguel a valuable leader of the print team. Never one to settle, he is quick to solve the problem and keep the wheels of progress moving forward.
miles medeiros
Snap Chatter | Football Player | Speed Racer
From behind the McDonald's counter to the JLC warehouse, Miles literally started at the bottom (that’s ok, Joe did too). Dependable and with a good attitude, Miles has learned what it takes to be a player in a different field.
russ schramm
Dallas Cowboy | Lunch Spotter | Heavy Lifter
He has been delivering the stories since the early days of JLC in the single car garage. When Russ arrives he’s got the goods and is ready to work. Russ always follows through, and has proven to be conscientious, reliable and ever ready to get on the road.
sergio marin
Always Smiling | Least Talker | Master Builder
Sergio builds it like the rendering. Like Todd, Sergio’s extensive home building skills made it easy for him to transition to set construction, both in the shop and on-site. An army of one, when Sergio is not making saw dust, he’s spending time with his family or working on his classic truck.
todd almeida
Surf Rider | Sweet Treat Stealer | Shorts Wearer
Todd is the man who literally makes all the pretty drawings come to life at JLC. After 20 years of construction experience, he has raised the custom scenic fabrication bar at JLC. Outside of all the credit our clients give him or the millions of people that admire his Super Bowl sets, there are still many homes in the South Bay that look good because of Todd’s craftsmanship.
william perritt
Florida Native | Big Fisher | Strong Finisher
Will would be the first to tell you that hard work does pay off.  He aced his job interview with JLC by tirelessly clearing a massive cotton field for a music festival with a smile on his face; and got the break he needed to get into show business by working hard, showing up and keeping his word.  Although Will runs some of our biggest projects, he is usually the first one to get his hands dirty.  Five years later, Will is still as much of a team player as he is a leader. 
winson ly
Action Figure Collector | Music Lover | Car Enthusiast
Winson, is a key member of the art department and print team; committed to understanding graphic design, creation and the printing process from concept to execution. He brings a solution-oriented practice to his work while protecting the brand of some of America's most well-known companies. Calm and collected, Winson is committed to delivering the best for JLC clients whilst ensuring his sports car is the finest looking vehicle in the JLC parking lot.